Tight Club Blog


August 11, 2017


Tight Club was honoured to be a part of Vancouver’s 39th Annual Pride Celebration. We popped our parade cherry and proudly marched down the streets of the west end, surrounded by a sea of smiles. Filled with posi vibes, the experience was a welcome escape from the overwhelming news headlines we’ve become accustom to. A reminder to turn off the tv, put down our phones, and connect with our community. If you were at the parade, you felt it too – LOVE WINS!

Peep the highlight reel below and save the date for next year. We’re already planning! Here are Kelsey’s Top 10 reasons Pride was tight!


10. Opening up discussions about gender, sex, and sexual orientation in class. Who says working out and a little queer theory can’t go together?


9. The lubed up condom toss during The Club: Pride Edition. Like a water balloon toss but messier and sexier.


8. Fundraising for QMUNITY. Thank you so much to those of you who supported our fundraising efforts for this incredible non profit organization.


7. Marching for the first time in the annual Vancouver Pride Parade. 24 glittered Tight Clubbers squatted and lunged their way through the Pride Parade. We loved seeing all of the Tight Club community on the side lines waving us on!


6. Metallic booty shorts, a Magnum P.I. lookalike, painted on six packs, and an inflatable flamingo. This is what you get when you leave Tight Clubbers to their own devices for what to wear to the parade. You weirdos rule.


5. Push-ups for Pride. One of our parade signs read “Push-ups for Pride”, and we did hundreds of push-ups along the parade route with strangers from the crowd, including little kids (you all rule!).


4. Establishing Tight Club as a safe space for our LGBTQ community – from single stall washrooms to gender neutral pronoun options on our online registration form. Everyone is invited to sit with us, and we want to make sure you know that.


3. Updating our anti discrimination policies. Upon applying for entry into the parade, we realized that we did not have any official anti discriminatory policies in our staff contracts. As a small young business we are always learning, and will be working with Vancouver Pride society to update this very soon!


2. Still finding glitter in weird places. You know it was a good Pride weekend when…


1. You. Yes you! If it weren’t for our ever-growing, diverse, and supportive Tight Club community, we wouldn’t have been able to participate in events like Vancouver Pride. Whether you donated, marched, or simply thought good thoughts for us over the week, your support means the world to us. You are what is Tight in our Life!



Photos by Valerie