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The start of a new year is the perfect time to hit reset and say ‘fuck yeah’ to the things that make you smile and your heart beat out of your chest.

Let’s get real, you’re already a 10. But if strength, movement, and learning how to fuel your body through nutrition is something you want for yourself this year, we got you.

Slay your 2017 goals with our 3-week January Tight Life Challenge that’s all about an attainable and sustainable approach to eating right and getting tight.  You’ll roll in 3-deep with a personal trainer, nutritionist, and chef – all working to help you kick ass, keep you motivated, and push you closer to living the ultimate TIGHT LIFE.

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The Group Challenge

3 small-group personal training sessions per week: Mon at 7:30pm, Wed at 7:30pm & Fri at 6:30pm

3 super delicious, freshly-made and balanced Culver City Salads for your immediate consumption post-workout

3-week guided nutrition program from a registered nutritionist

A personal fit kit to document and track your success

Extra tips, support and motivation from your trainer, nutritionist, and chef

A group kick-start January 7th at 2:00pm: we’ll introduce the 3-week nutrition program, explain further deets about the Tight Life Challenge, and meet other Tight Lifers to get pumped up!


Jan 7 - Jan 27

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The Personal Challenge

Your very own personal challenge with everything the classic Tight Life Challenge has to offer but fully customized for your individual needs.

Crush your fitness goals with your Tight Club personal trainer 3x per week for three weeks

Refuel and stay energized with a nutrient dense macro balanced meal after every training session

Meet one-on-one with our nutritionist and keep accountable with a three week guided nutrition program customized just for you

Results driven progress with a sustainable approach, welcome to the tightest three weeks of your life!


Kelsey Collins
Kelsey Collins

Group Instructor


I have a degree in Gender Studies, and later discovered my love for exercise and movement so returned to school to study Personal Training. While seemingly unconnected, my educational background plays a big part in my overall approach to fitness. I strive to break down the intimidation factor of walking in to a gym, to welcome all bodies and all people, and to help others find empowerment through movement. It also means I’ll give you shit for referring to knee push-ups as ‘girl push-ups’.

I aim to deliver classes that will meet you where you are at in that moment. Ready to be pushed? I’ll be there encouraging you to go for that heavier weight. Need to be gentle on yourself that day? I’ve got your back, because I give you serious props for just showing up – that’s not always easy! I love incorporating a sense of play into my classes, anything team or partner based always seems to lift the energy in the room. I’m also all about the playlist – there’s really nothing more satisfying than having the perfect beat to take you home during that last push in class.

Living The Tight Life means:

To me, The Tight Life is about doing all of the things that give me happy butterflies. It’s about challenging myself, loving myself, working hard, taking chances, and surrounding myself with good people.

Carley Mendes
Carley Mendes

The Nutritionist

Creator of Keep It Real Food

Carley Mendes is the mastermind behind the Keep It Real Food Program. It’s simple: Eat real food. Carley is a registered holistic Nutritionist who is pumped about helping you find out exactly what makes you feel your best. Don’t worry, she won’t make you to give up all chocolatey goodness until the end time, but she will help you discover an achievable healthy balance that you can actually stick with.

Favourite way to sweat:

My favorite way to sweat is in a loud, fast paced group class, but these days I’m mostly running around the seawall with a stroller, hiking my son up a mountain in a backpack, or using him as a medicine ball in our living room. #momlife

About Nutrition:

I really don’t believe in the one-size-fits all approach to eating. I’ll help you identify which foods will allow you to feel your tightest, both mentally & physically. I don’t believe in fad diets… it’s about eating real foods and finding a healthy balance that you can actually stick with. No gimmicks.

Living The Tight Life:

Means being active. It keeps me sane and stable, but that’s just the beginning. You need to surround yourself with motivating and inspiring people. Find ways to nurture your creativity. It also really helps to find a day job that you actually love. AND you’ve got to eat your damn vegetables.

Christina Culver
Christina Culver

The Chef

Creator Of Culver City Salads

Christina Culver is the Creator of Culver City Salads and is dedicated to making all of your salad dreams come true. Ok, maybe you don’t dream about salads, but after munching on 550 grams of deliciousness after a workout with Kelsey, you’ll see what the fuss is about. Christina is a careful curator of taste and nutrition so you don’t have to think about it, just eat it.




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