June 5, 2020

Covid-19 Health and Safety Protocols

I’d like to share how we’ll be approaching the topic of safety and social distancing while movin-n-groovin together at Tight Club,with respect to the Work-Safe guidelines.


We’re tightening up on cleanliness:

  • We’ll do our absolute best to clean, disinfect and sanitize all equipment before and after it’s used with hospital grade disinfectant that is known to kill viruses.
  • High touch areas like the front waiting area, front desk, tables, lockers, weight racks, floors, water fountain, bathrooms (OMG, literally everything) have been addressed and procedures are in place to ensure you’re entering into a protected space.

We’re protecting ourselves in order to protect you.

  • Tight Club staff members are asked to stay at home if showing any Covid 19 symptoms, have been exposed to people with Covid, or have been instructed to isolate for various reasons.
  • All front of house staff members are required to wear face masks and gloves while in the studio.
  • Teachers will wear gloves while handling equipment and may wear a mask during class.
  • We’re installing a plexiglass shield at the front desk.
  • As much as we’re going to hate it, we won't be handing out high 5’s and hugs like we used to.
  • Mats and equipment are available for use, however, you are welcome to bring your own mat if you prefer.
  • We will not be providing hand towels at this time
  • No showers at this time, but please feel free to use the showers as changerooms.

We’re cutting down our class sizes and adding more time between classes

  • We’re keeping y’all socially distant with AT LEAST 6 feet of distance between each other! That means reducing the class size from 20 down to  8 and the instructor will be leading the class from the personal training area. Silver lining? Y’all are going to have SO MUCH SPACE TO MOVE IN. It’s gonna be dreamy. For those joining us outdoors, we’ll be starting with classes of 10 people.
  • Like usual, we’ll be pre-placing mats and as much equipment as we can at each station.
  • We’re spacing out the class schedule with at least 15 minutes between classes to avoid bottlenecking for the bathrooms / changerooms and for the cleaning team to do their work.  

We’re choosing to program less HIIT Focused while training indoors during the summer.

  • Expect a healthy dose of mobility, stability and strength training classes to keep you movin and groovin this summer. If you’re looking for a good huff n puff, we’ll still be offering Tight Sweat on livestream and Morning Glory outdoors. We can’t guarantee your heart rate won’t get up while doing Groundwork for The Club, if we can avoid an hour of moist huff’n and puff’n, we will.
  • We will not be programming classes to share equipment with partners nor will we be programming circuits, but we will ensure we program our workouts to still be fun and effective - plus, with smaller groups we’ll all get the exact equipment we want! WHOOP WHOOP


  • Come with tight vibes only. Take this process slowly, try your best and encourage others to do the same with tender love and kindness. We’re all learning here.
  • Call on us if what you’re experiencing doesn't seem right. You will be seen and heard and honoured.


  • Check yourself. If you’re feeling sick, please make the call and do not come to class. Check out the BC Ministry of Health Self Assessment to help make that decision.
  • Book your classes through our website or on mindbody and respect our 12 hour cancellation policy.
  • Come protected if you please. You are fully supported to come wearing a mask and/or gloves with your own mat and towel, but we will not require nor will be providing PPE equipment to guests. We will provide mats and equipment for everybody.
  • As much as we wanna catch up, we kindly ask you to arrive no more than 10 minutes early to class.
  • We’ll have a sneeze guard installed at the front desk, and we can't wait to connect with you during our check in process. At this time, please use our hand sanitizer before entering the workout space.
  • After checking in, please go straight to your mat after picking up any additional weights if needed.
  • Please bring indoor shoes or wear socks and wipe the bottom of your workout shoes with a lysol wipe. Place outdoor shoes at the front.
  • Avoid creating bottleneck opportunities in the studio by coming with a full water bottle and dressed to move n groove. Bathrooms will be available to use and change in, but we recommend coming prepared to go. Also, no showers at this time. (but we’re already used to not having showers, right? fml!!!)
  • Follow the lines on the floor if you’re confused where to go and always feel free to ask one of our staff members if you have any questions.
  • Our vanity area will be open, but we will not be offering any AG hair, Saje products or styling tools at this time. Please come prepared :)


We are still Tight Club. We still honour functional and friendly movement to all people, and celebrate y’all wherever you’re at in your fitness journey. Tight Club Athletics was founded on the core value that anyone and everyone belongs in a fitness space. Above everything, we are committed to inclusion.

Our clients’ feelings of belonging and respect are so much more important to us than how much they can lift or how fast they can run. We want people to enter our studio and immediately know that regardless of their race, gender, body, sexual orientation, ability, class or background, this is a place where they can meet their goals, make friends and find community, all at their own pace.

In fact, we’re willing to go one step further - we want people to feel welcome, not regardless of their identities, but because of who they are and the unique traditions, languages, practises and values they bring into the space.

To us, inclusion is about affirmative celebration of identity, human spirit, and diverse physical capabilities.

If you’re interested in learning more about the inclusive policies we worked on with Cicily Blaine Consulting, please peep our website.

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