March 8, 2017

Equality Is Tight

“Intersectional Feminism is the view that women experience oppression in varying configurations and in varying degrees of intensity. Cultural patterns of oppression are not only interrelated, but are bound together and influenced by the intersectional systems of society. Examples of this include race, gender, class, ability, sexual orientation and ethnicity.”

Intersectional feminism was term introduced by Kimberlé Crenshaw in 1989. It explains that feminism does not represent just one view and that we need to listen to and acknowledge the lived experiences of everyone. Check out our Reading List for some helpful articles that break down intersectional feminism and explain just how necessary it is.


fucking equality baby

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the first ever Tight Town Hall. Inspired by International Women’s Day and fuelled by the desire for social change, our community came together to discuss intersectional feminism, privilege, the power of art, micro practices, and larger actions that we can incorporate into our daily lives. Facilitated by Keighty Gallagher, Gowa Kong and Kate Lollar with a special performance of the Women's Warrior Song by Jody Okabe, the evening was filled with meaningful dialogue that continued after the event ended.

We want to acknowledge that organizing this event was a learning experience. We are not experts, nor are our panel of creatives (to which we didn’t want to use the word ‘panel’ as we really wanted the conversation to be about the audience). We were NOT as inclusive or intersectional as we should be. But we will do better. We have to do better.

Tight Club is a community of creative minds, and so we reached out to female artists in our community to participate in the event. We wanted to discuss how they use their work as a voice for social change and how it can help propel a movement and inspire people to act. Check out their interviews below.

Stay tuned for more information and follow up events.

future is female


Rachel Ricketts is a writer, grief coach, death doula and founder of loss&found - an online platform supporting folks through loss and grief of all forms. As a loss sur-thriver and self-proclaimed recovering lawyer, she's merged her love of advocacy with her passion for helping others in their most dire time of need. Rachel loves donuts, dancing and all things meta-physical. Follow her @lossandfoundxo.

Joy Pecknold is the Western Editor of FASHION Magazine, a freelance writer, and Tight Club's resident comedian. Follow her @joypecknold

Beth Richards is the founder and creative director of Beth Richards Swimwear. Inspired by the Bardot era of beach culture, Beth took it upon herself to change the way women feel about swimwear by challenging the world's idea of beauty and providing confidence and empowerment “one-piece” at a time. Follow her @bethrichardsswimwear

Tracy Ho is the College Relations & Membership Outreach Coordinator of the Douglas Students’ Union (DSU). Follow her @tray_ho

Pippa Mackie is a Vancouver-based actor/writer/producer who has written and performed in a award winning plays, and starred in feature films and television shows. Follow her @pippamackie

Gillian Damborg is the Creative Director at Luvo Inc and a Musician (Sunshine, Jody Glenham and the Dreamers). Follow her @gilly_bean

Maggie Boyd is a ceramic artist based who makes and teaches pottery for community members. She illustrated one of the tshirts and made a Tight Club Mix in honour of the event. Follow her @maggieboydceramics

Chantelle La Violette is a maker of all trades who hand-embroidered our Equality Is Tight Tshirts. Follow her @channylavie



A special thanks to Maggie, Chantelle and Beth. Three limited edition t-shirts were sold at Tight Club with 100% of the proceeds going to charity.
The Censor Graphic Tee was a part of Beth’s debut collection in 2012 for the girl with a rebel heart. All proceeds will be donated to Planned Parenthood, a trusted health care provider, an informed educator, a passionate advocate, and a global partner helping similar organizations around the world. Planned Parenthood delivers vital reproductive health care, sex education, and information to millions of people worldwide.

All proceeds from Maggie’s illustrated tees will go towards UNYA (Urban Native Youth Association), a registered not-for-profit, Canadian charitable organization that addresses Indigenous youth concerns. This local charity is helping Vancouver’s Indigenous youth explore their personal goals in a fun, safe and healthy environment.
All proceeds from Chantelle’s hand-embroidered tees will be donated to One Girl Can, a registered charity based in Vancouver that provides educational opportunities for girls living in highly marginalized areas of Africa. Since 2008, One Girl Can has been working directly with the schools and communities in Uganda and Kenya, building and rehabilitating schools, funding secondary and university scholarships, and empowering students through ongoing mentorship.

group mix


The Grief Inherent in Being Black and Feminist by Rachel Ricketts
How to Survive in Intersectional Feminist Spaces 101
Befriending Becky: On the Imperative of Intersectional Feminism
Why Our Feminism Must be Intersectional (and 3 ways to practice it)
A Frank Talk With Jessa Crispin About Why Modern Day Feminism Is Full Of Shit



Thank you to Charlotte Kingston of the BCCLA who attended the Tight Town Hall and provided the contact information for the organizations below.

The BC Civil Liberties Association is Canada’s oldest and most active human rights and civil liberties organization. They work in the courtroom, the classroom, and in the streets to achieve greater equality, liberty, and justice.  Last year they had more than 30 active court cases, organized 40+ public events, appeared before Parliament dozens of times, and shared legal and know your rights guides with 10,000+ people.

They love volunteers, and are currently looking to pair up with some creative folks to design some new swag. Find us at or email to talk volunteer and/or donation opportunities.
Union of BC indian Chiefs

UBCIC is a leading actor in the fight to protect BC’s Coast and stop the Kinder Morgan pipeline. Become a Coast Protector here.
Aboriginal Front Door Society

Restoring respect, dignity, and pride for Aboriginal peoples. Donate or volunteer at
PACE Society and WISH drop-in centre

Providing support and transition services to sex workers in the downtown eastside. As many sisters and mothers continue to go missing, these organizations provide frontline support.
Carnegie Community Action Project

Works mostly on housing, income, and land use issues in the Downtown Eastside (DTES) of Vancouver so that the area can remain a low income friendly community. As residents of the neighbourhood, it would be great to see Tight Club members working to ensure there is still space in the community for low-income residents.
No One Is Illegal-Vancouver Coast Salish Territories

Support for migrants, and the end to immigration detention in this country.
Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre

The mission of the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre is to provide a safe, non-judgmental environment for women from all walks of life, who live and/or work in the Downtown Eastside.  To achieve this goal, the Centre provides supportive surroundings with meals, counseling, advocacy and programs which nurture and empower members. Hosts of the 26th year running Women’s Memorial March. If you came out for the women’s march, consider marching in this important memorial march for women lost in the DTES which happens annually on February 14th.
Sanctuary Health

Seek to collaborate with communities and service providers in the Coast Salish Territories (Greater Vancouver) to create safer access to services for all people based on need rather than status. Working to make public institutions safe for undocumented people or those with vulnerable immigration statuses by working to ensure that teachers, doctors, and municipal police officers are serving residents, rather than handing over individuals to Canada Border Services.
Pivot Legal Society

Pivot is a legal change organization that works for sex workers rights, drug policy, police accountability and housing and homelessness in the DTES. They are close friends of BCCLA and do important work. Check them out!
Black Lives Matter – Vancouver

Black folks and allies working in solidarity with communities seeking justice from racialized violence.
Salaam – Vancouver: Queer Muslim Community

Salaam: Queer Muslim Community is dedicated to creating space for people who identify as both Muslim and queer and trans.

An LGBTQ community centre located in the Davie Village neighbourhood of the West End.
Chinatown Action Group

Get active where you sweat! These folks are working to ensure that longtime residents of the neighbourhood aren’t rendered homeless because of gentrification in the neighbourhood. Support their push to ensure that affordable housing remains part of the neighbourhood plan for Chinatown.

Vancouver is in the midst of one of the most heartbreaking public health emergencies of the last many years. Support frontline workers who aim to decrease overdose deaths in our community. Last year 922 people died. We must all do more to protect our community from the opioid crisis. Donate to support their work.

Megaphone is a magazine sold on the streets of Vancouver and Victoria by homeless and low-income vendors. Vendors buy the magazine for 75 cents and sell it for $2, keeping the profit and earning a sense of pride and dignity. More than just low-barrier employment, Megaphone teaches writing workshops to its vendors who write some of the pieces in the magazine. If you get a chance, check out their incredible poetry night each year.

check in



So I Had An Abortion

A safe space for people to share their stories in an effort to motivate more people to talk about abortions freely, without fear or stigma.
We Need To Talk

Because as a matter of urgency we need safe spaces to awkwardly, messily, uncomfortably talk about gender and racial equality. Next discussion March 21 at 6pm.
Women's Legal Education and Action Fund (Westcoast LEAF)

Westcoast Leaf advances women's rights (and general equality rights) through legal cases, legal clinics and a wide variety of workshops for adults and youth on topics like sexual discrimination/assault, knowing your Charter (i.e. equality) rights, and navigating your way though family law matters.
Shishi Rose

"In order to evolve we must learn new things, hear different perspectives, and find a new worldly narrative. As a person who grew up in an environment where i did not recognize my own power, where my voice was often silenced, i want people to recognize the power that they hold. And in my efforts, i recognize my own."
Ghost In The Shell Video

Movies aren't real, but they affect real people.

Please email with any links, resources or stories that you would like to share.

Photos by Bree Sopatyk

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