March 16, 2018

IWD2018: "What's tight about identifying as a woman?"

It's been a week since International Womens Day 2018, but honestly we're always celebrating women. We dedicated a week long celebration to all the women who make our future tight and the women who make our future tight are all the inspiring, unique, strong and powerful women who walk through our doors on a daily basis. We see you and we appreciate you each and every day. That's why we asked you to strike you're power pose and tell us; "what's tight about identifying as a woman?"

We'd also like to take a minute to say thanks to all of you who participated, donated, gave your time, energy and tight vibes. Here are just some of the highlights from what was one for the books last week ...

  • Almost a 100 of you came out on Tuesday night for a super fun 5km social run in collaboration with Erin Irelands Heartbeets Run Club and as if that wasn't awesome enough you all generously bought along menstrual products to donate to our pals at Period Posse; a non-profit organization who believes in menstrual equity, where access to menstrual products is a right.
  • The "Game Changers" class was full with the tightest of vibes to celebrate women in sports who paved the way fighting for equality and empowerment, all of you listened with warm hearts and sweated your butts off for a super fun and empowering night.

And now, "What's tight about identifying as a woman?"


No matter what, there's always an implied sisterhood between us if we look for it. There's a silent support that surrounds us all.


To me it's how amazingly resilient our mind and body is to what can sometimes be such a tough world out there. As women, we just persist and take on whatever comes our way and that's pretty tight.


It's sweet that as women we are able to give life.


Being soft and strong.


Having people underestimate me or my strength because I'm a woman and getting to show them WHAT'S UP!


That we can embrace our femininity that men don't always feel comfortable doing.


We get shit done.


That I get to be part of a band of badass woman.

Michelle & Sarah

Sarah: I'm one of twins and sisters are just on a whole other level.

Michelle: Being inspired and empowered by other women like Keighty ;)


Being able to support one another and be part of this amazing network of strong women.


We pretty much run the world now!


Having the ability to prove people wrong, like watch us be CEO's, scientists, athletes ... whatever and whoever we want to be.


It's tight to have so much opportunity, we've got so much ground to pave (metamorphic-ally).


F*cking everything! I can't just pick one thing.


My innate nature to provide safe spaces for the people in my life.


What's tight about being a woman is being a woman right now in 2018 because there is a huge change happening and it's awesome to be part of it all.

Lindsay & Madeline

Easy: empowering other women.

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