September 30, 2018

Outdoor Vices Summer 2018 Roundup!

Another summer has come and gone and with it a new batch of memories to last us a lifetime and damn, was it ever a good one. We hung out with familiar and new faces, laughed (A LOT), got sweaty (A LOT), saw you bust a move, and challenge yourselves in new ways. Endless love to you all that make what we do every day sooooooo worth it.

First up, let’s revisit the latest season of Tight Bike (including Rapha 100!) and hear from some of the crew on their favourite memories from this year:

“I spent the whole Tight Bike season doing sloops. Every. Time. And I’m okay with it. I really wanted to be close to home because I’d been working so much. R&R was my main goal. But I also knew I needed to, and wanted to be on my bike, so a couple loops of Stanley Park after work was just what the Dr. ordered.

About three quarters of the way through the season, we made our way up to Prospect Point, as we did, and then.... we just.... stayed there. For like, quite a while. And it was great! It was a huge crew of us and we’d reach max-summer chillax - on a bike ride. We all knew each other but then we shot the shit and snapped photos. It took a push, but after a good span of time we all decided whether we’d do another loop or head home and off we went. A lovely eve.“ - CHANTELLE

“My favourite rides are always the Sloops. It's social and always a great ride with some fun competition up Prospect Point with a sweaty photo up top!
Any of the sloop photos are the best. Always sweaty and a solid group of peeps!” - ALFRED

“Highlight of the season was meeting a bunch of like minded rad people who liking riding bikes! I joined to meet new people and make some friends.
Favourite ride was out to Iona beach, that was a really fun and fast ride and I really enjoyed it, plus I have never done that ride prior.“ - MATTHEW

“Favourite ride: Social sloops that finished at Electric Bicycle Brewing; got some loops in and then drank beer with a good crew... what more could you ask for?” - KRISTY


Photos by Jeff Kwok

Our Tight Club Run Crew happens year round (every Tuesday at the Field House at 6:15 FYI), but running with pals while soaking in those summer rays is always a highlight. Back in July our friends at Outdoor Voices supplied our runners with “Doing Things” hats and we went out in the hood for a run and sweat session. Here are some of the highlights captured by Kezia Nathe:

You came, you danced, and you shot some hoops! Our Making Moves Summer Party brought out a tight crew to take part in our Free Throw Competition with Myodetox. Keep scrolling through to catch the highlights! Photos by Kezia Nathe:

And that's a wrap for the summer of 2018!

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