June 30, 2017

TC x Four Seasons

We sat down with our main girl and founder, Keighty Gallagher (KG), to chat all things Bad and Boujee. When she started Tight Club from the humble beginnings of the Coach House located in a back alley, developing her classes from her garage studio as well as hosting outdoor workout at Andy Livingston Park, it was always her dream to one day teach a rooftop class.

Fast forward a few years later, when the Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver approached her to bring her signature Tight Club class to Global Wellness Week, it's safe to say KG was hyped!
Check out KG's top 5 Things that make her feel Bad and Boujee

Four Seasons Global Wellness Day

1. You're at the club and there's a total babe in the corner checking you out. What's your go to Bad & Boujee move, you know that kinda move that says 'lady in the street, freak in the sheets', you sassy but you classy girl.

HAH! Wow, getting right to it! Okay...ummm. Yeah. I'd yell "MORE SMOKE", queue the smoke machine, and what happens next stays between me and the smoke show.

2. You're hosting a dinner party, how do you boujee-fy the food your serving?

I'd speed dial my Door Dash homies, and not say a darn thing. This perfectly deep fried cauliflower? All me ;)

3. Picture this; rooftop party, tropical house, white bikini, blacked out shades, what drink is completing your boujee bish look?

This reminds me of the time I was staying at the Andaz in Maui. We were hanging with Leah Delaria (Boo from Orange Is The New Black) with Trisha and Lindsay (6am beasts) We drank bottles of rose all dayyyyyyy!

Tight Club x Four Seasons

4. So we know you might have replaced your old Rocket Ship with something a little more Bad and Boujee. But now it's a hot summers day, you've got your sunroof open, windows down, what song are you blasting and singing along too?

That bish is on summer lock down, but I'm kinda obsessed with this track by Soft Hair, "Lying has to stop" Check out this video and fast forward to the shower scene! (3:00)

5. You're on a tight budget but you feel like livin' it up, what's the boujeeist thing to do in the city?

Pac Rim on a Saturday night.

 Well there you have it! Oh, and also we re-wrote 'Migos - Bad & Boujee' TC style. 

Raindrop (drip), it stopped (no drop)

Soaking up sun on a rooftop (rooftop)

Sweatin' on your bish she's like stop stop, (stop)

Cookin' up moves lookin' real hot (hot)

We came from nothin' to somethin', back alley (hey)

We love everybody, every figure (everybody)

Call up the gang and they come sweat wit ya (gang)

Turn up the music, hello tight vibes (hey)

Young fit and bougie (hah)

Drinkin' up shots of smoothie (wah)

My crew is savage, ruthless (savage)

We got burpees and sqauts to do (grrah)

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