May 5, 2016

Tight Club Check In: Caitlin Butcher

Take a peek inside the Tight Club community, each week we’re checking in with one of our crew to learn what they get up to when they’re not slamming balls or crushing burpee challenges. These are the people that motivate you in class when sh!t gets real. From OG’s to newbies, here’s their inside scoop.

Meet Caitlin.

Caitlin Butcher

What is tight in your life?

So many things; I feel like a lucky gal these days. I recently relocated back to Vancouver after spending a year and a half living in Philadelphia. It’s great to be close to my pals and family again, not to mention my boyfriend who is my biggest support and best friend.

Another thing that’s real tight is my new job. I was fortunate enough to link up with some old friends at Strike Mvmnt and join their team as the designer and developer for apparel. I feel fortunate to be able to work for a brand that has goals and beliefs that are aligned with my own. At Strike the brand motto is, “United By Motion.” We believe that through movement and sport we can create community and inclusivity.

We also try to keep our products and work practices as sustainable as possible, producing our products locally and out of natural or recycled fibers. It’s inspiring to feel supported by your community in your active goals and in life and in general. These are the same vibes I feel at my favorite TC classes.

Caitlin Butcher

Signature move?

I really dig a good round of ball slams. Such a good workout and doubles as a stress reliever.

Something people might not know about you?

I’m a beekeeper. My boyfriend and I have 4 Hives in Chilliwack and we visit the girls almost every weekend making sure the Queens are happy and the hives are thriving; they are incredible creatures. It’s a really rewarding hobby and good for the planet too!

What’s your favorite workout song?

Lately Rihanna’s “Work” is working for me.

Caitlin Butcher

What’s your spirit animal and why?

I gonna stick with the same answer I would have given you as a kid and say a Dolphin for two reasons. Dolphins enjoy a good swim as do I, and they seem to have a pretty good sense of humor.

Who would be your celebrity best friend?

Patti Smith for sure, I’ve been a super fan of hers for many moons now and have been lucky enough to see her live a few times. One of the rad things about seeing Patti live is the way she connects with the audience. She doesn’t ever take herself too seriously.

It's pretty rad that a woman who helped shape punk music can still be so down to earth. I would love to hang out with her and hear stories about the 70’s punk scene in NY.

Favourite way to procrastinate?

Thrift store shopping for vintage clothing and or scouring craigslist for MCM furniture. I love the thrill of a good treasure hunt, and I find a lot of inspiration in vintage clothing, art, and design.

Caitlin Butcher

What was the last thing you read?

Kim Gordon’s memoir: Girl in a Band. I love biographies and memoirs about creatives who inspire me. It's great to hear about where they started and what they went through to find their form of success. Whether you are a designer, musician, artist or any person that works in the creative field I think the struggle to find the balance between artist and professional can be tricky at times.

If you could go anywhere tomorrow, where would you go?

Japan! Amazing fashion, food and culture. I hope to get over there soon.

What does The Tight Life mean to you?

Balancing health goals, work, and a social life.

What is your fitness goal?

My tight life fitness goal is to increase my upper body strength. Push-ups have never been my friend.

Caitlin Butcher

Do you have any pre or post workout rituals?

Usually food is top of mind after a Tight Club class. If I’m with friends we will often reward ourselves with a little rosé and banh mi action at the Union.

How do you treat yourself?

A glass of wine and some good chocolate usually does the trick.

My big plans this summer are...

Enjoy being in Vancouver! Nothing beats the summers in Van. Looking forward to camping, hiking, beach hangs and just generally being outdoors.

Caitlin Butcher

Photos by Valerie Lina Photography.

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