June 15, 2017

Tight Club Check In: Jenn and Zack

Take a peek inside the Tight Club community, each week we’re checking in with one of our crew to learn what they get up to when they’re not slamming balls or crushing burpee challenges. These are the people that motivate you in class when sh!t gets real. From OG’s to newbies, here’s their inside scoop.

Meet Jenn & Zack.


Describe each other using three buzzwords

Zack: Artist, Listener, Dog Kidnapper.
Jenn: Hilarious, Creative, Dog Whisperer

One thing that people might not know about Jenn?

Zack: Jenn was selected as a finalist to be a MuchMusic VJ in 2010 and got flown out and everything.  She met DEVON SOLTENDIECK!

She also screams in her sleep.


Something people might not know about Zack?

That he’s incredibly emotionally articulate. Almost to the point where it’s frustrating when we’re having a disagreement because it takes me a little while to process my feelings and find the right words, and he can perfectly describe his emotions and reasoning and quickly solve any kind of miscommunication.

He also won a bunch of singing competitions as a child in rural Ontario.


Favorite way to spend time together?

Zack: We spend money like assholes. I'm particularly bad. I bought a label maker with overdraft on my card.
Jenn: Netflix and chill. We’re really into this Japanese reality show on Netflix right now called “Terrace House”. It’s like a Japanese version of The Real World, except nothing happens. We’re like 20 episodes in and no one’s even kissed.

The coolest thing that you’ve done for each other?

Zack: One time Jenn commissioned original artwork from my favorite artist who lives in Rhode Island.  She made him a playlist of some of my favorite songs to inspire what he puts on the canvas.  It's like this sick, six-eyed wolf eating another wolf.  Which is weird, because I was listening to a lot of Steely Dan at the time.

Jenn: My original answer for this was when Zack booked our Europe trip last summer, but he topped that by throwing a surprise birthday party for me this year! I thought we were going to Ask for Luigi for dinner and he said it was full so we should go up the street to Belgard Kitchen for a drink while we wait for a table. As we walked in and I heard “surprise!” it took me a few seconds to realize the whole back was filled with my friends. I cried immediately.


You get to power brunch with one person, who is it?

Jenn: Usually my answer to a check-in question about hanging out with someone famous is Rihanna because she chills out on yachts and smokes weed every day. Lately though I’ve been in love with comedian John Early. I imagine we’d really hit it off and throw down some sweet dance moves in matching floral ensembles like this.

Zack: I'm a massive hockey fan, but as I'm getting older the players keep getting way younger than I am.  So right now I love Bo Horvat, but he's like 10 years younger than me.  So is this my life now?? I'm worshiping children??

Most embarrassing moment?

Zack: We've been together since 2008-ish, so we've seen it all. Jenn threw up on me in a cab in our first year. Things were a little touch and go after that.

Jenn: Ha, the first thing that came to mind was also throwing up on Zack in a cab. My memory is pretty spotty from the night, but I do remember the cab driver yelling about me puking and Zack yelling back “Don’t worry, it’s on me! It’s all over ME!”

You have a dog, right?

Jenn: Gus is Zack’s family’s dog, but we dogsit all the time because he’s a fluffy puppy angel from heaven. Something weird about him is he freaks out when he sees Peter Dinklage during Game of Thrones.

Zack: Every single dog wants to have sex with this dog. Every single time we go to a dog park, 49 dogs try to have sex with him. We go there to tire him out, but I'm the one getting winded because I'm throwing blind haymakers at a pack of dogs. Gus is a GOOD BOY.

Jenn, your instagram states that you’re a cheese enthusiast. Go on…

I could never be vegan. I’m half-Czech and I grew up with a dish called smažený sýr, which is essentially fried, breaded cheese with tartar sauce on top. It’s DELICIOUS.

Zack, if she loves cheese so much, what’s your go-to?

Zack: I don't eat whole blocks of cheese like Jenn, but I love pizza. She'll want to order from like, Virtuous Pie and I'll want something that will permanently shorten your life like Boston Pizza or Dominos. We'll usually compromise on Panago, in which no one is happy.


What is your current passion/obsession?

Zack: I work in film, and I really enjoy what I do. I'm also a big comedy fan so I love coming up with ideas with friends and being all, WE HAVE TO FILM THAT (IT'S DONE, WE'RE DOING IT) and never following through.

Jenn: Ceramics! I’m waiting for the next round of classes to begin and I take them with Maggie Boyd. I took a bit of a break and really miss it. It’s so therapeutic and really rewarding to have a cool idea come to life. I’ve peppered our home with a bunch of my stuff, including this one hidden corner in the living room where all the ones I'm ashamed of live but I'm too attached to throw them out.

Fav song for sexy-time?

Zack: NOFX - The Decline.
Jenn: Alive by Edwin

You two seem to enjoy traveling and exploring, favourite experience so far?

Jenn: So hard to choose! Our Europe trip last year was a dream. It was a perfect mix of history and sightseeing and beach bumming. But our trip to Thailand with a few of our friends was the most fun I’ve had on vacation. Zack made this dope video of the highlights from that trip.

Zack: I loved Positano, Italy. Gorgeous architecture and close to the ocean. We ripped up and down on scooters and swam a lot.


Hidden gems around Vancouver?

Jenn: I love the Bloedel Conservatory in Queen Elizabeth Park. It’s only about 6 bucks to get in and you walk through this giant dome surrounded by all these gorgeous exotic birds and plants. Pretty much what I want my future home to look like.

Zack: I follow craigsbest.ca, which some person curates the best stuff on craigslist Vancouver. We've bought a few things from there. Fun fact: if you call something 'teak' or 'mid-century', you can charge an extra 200 bonads for it.

Are you two workout buddies? Why do you guys workout?

Zack: We basically exclusively work out together. Jenn's so disciplined and it keeps me motivated.

Jenn: I started going to Tight Club when Keighty was still at the Coach House and kept telling Zack how intense the workouts were but how satisfied and confident I'd feel after. He finally started coming and now we almost always go together. He always pushes me and keeps me laughing, even if I’m in the throes of a deep squat.

What does the Tight Life mean to you?

Zack: For me it's feeling comfortable, whether it's how I feel about myself or who I surround myself with. In a regular gym, I feel like I'm going to be mistaken for the towel boy. It's about creating a sense of community and I feel like we've gotten that at Tight Club.

Jenn: Oh, I'm gonna get real for a sec. Like most girls, I’ve struggled with body image issues and as a teenager fell into some pretty unhealthy habits that lasted for years. Even though I recovered from that, the negative thoughts associated with it still lingered, but I learned to pay less attention to it. Tight Club has been something in my life that I didn’t even know I needed. Like anyone, I still have some self-conscious moments, but now any negative thought is overpowered by this voice that reminds me what a badass I am. So for me, the Tight Life is about recognizing your inner badass and not letting anyone, including yourself, tell you otherwise. I’m the fittest and strongest I’ve ever been, and I’m so grateful for what Tight Club has done for me to recognize my full boss ass bitch potential.


And in case you have secret crushes on this power couple like we do, now you can stalk them online.

Zack: I put whatever weird garbage I create at theburpboys.com whenever I'm feeling creative. I'm also @dogbullets on Instagram.
Jenn: I’m just @jennperutka on everything, except my old Myspace profile.

Photography and Interview by Bree Sopatyk

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