August 6, 2016

Tight Club Check In: Kate Snyder

Take a peek inside the Tight Club community, each week we’re checking in with one of our crew to learn what they get up to when they’re not slamming balls or crushing burpee challenges. These are the people that motivate you in class when sh!t gets real. From OG’s to newbies, here’s their inside scoop.

Meet Kate.


What is Tight in your life?

Ooo doggy - so many things! I'm one of the directors at Ste. Marie design so I love what I do and love who I get to work with. I get to cruise around on a vintage motorcycle which has brought so many rad people and events into my life. I also couldn't ask for a better partner (love you Versace Jim), great friends and a loving family.
Signature Move?

Tight Club move? Any sort of squat with weight. Dance move? I have a track record of challenging the largest man in da club to a push-up contest in the middle of the dance floor....


Something people might not know about you?

People mayyyy see me as a bit of a boss lady (nothing wrong with that!) but I'm actually quite a playful person (sometimes goofy as shite). I believe play is an important part of a healthy life. I've found it to be really important in mine. Play is underrated.
What’s your favourite workout song?

Any old school rap/hip hop - love me some Biggie.
What’s your spirit animal and why?

A Unicorn! Power, beauty, magic? Yes, please. (Also Unicorns are known to be able to do/be multiple things at once - I strive for that in my work life.)



Who would be your celebrity best friend?

Beyonce because... Beyonce.
Favourite way to procrastinate?

Hours of cute baby animal videos.
What was the last thing you read?

'Now what do I say?' - Anne Krook (Any ladies looking for some great workplace advice, suggest this diddy).
If you could go anywhere tomorrow, where would you go?

Italy/Spain... ugh anywhere in Europe I haven't been to yet.


What does the tight life mean to you?

Finding the balance of living in the moment while still focusing on the more substantial life goals. Being confident in who you are, where you're headed and what you want is so important – we only have one life and it is definitely too short for complacency!
What is your fitness goal?

To stay healthy! I am fortunate to have good health so I try to not take advantage of that fact by keeping my fitness in check. Also, healthy body = healthy mind.
Do you have any pre or post workout rituals?

When I drag my butt to a 7am class, coffee and two eggs post work-out is the best way to start the day.


How do you treat yourself?

The glamorous answer - love myself a lil' spa day. The unglamorous answer (and more frequent one) – taking time for just myself, relaxing at home or going for a splutz on my motorcycle.
This summer my big plans are...

My best friend’s wedding (!), a ladies motorcycle camp out in Washington, and enjoying the summer days in Vancouver as much as possible.
What's your favorite holiday?

Christmas – one of the few moments you can truly feel that childlike bliss.


Kate's Tight Club Sched

I try to fit in about 4 workouts/week:

Monday 7 am Booty Luv

Tuesday 7 am Tight Sweat

Either Wednesday 6:15 pm  The Athlete or Thursday 7 am Tight Sweat

Friday 7 am Booty Luv


Photos by Valerie Lina Photography.

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