April 21, 2016

Tight Club Check In: Kevin Lionais

Take a peek inside the Tight Club community, each week we’re checking in with one of our crew to learn what they get up to when they’re not slamming balls or crushing burpee challenges. These are the people that motivate you in class when sh!t gets real. From OG’s to newbies, here’s their inside scoop.

Meet Kevin.

Kevin Lionais

What's tight in your life?

I'm coming down off a total high from running the Zion 50km last week, a gnarly trail race and taking third place. A crew of us from Tight Club were down there and we had a blast. But what's really tight, is just getting out in nature.

Some of my training runs I've been getting up at 5am, strapping on the head-lamp and ripping around Seymour Valley. It's a blast reaching a peak and watching the sun come out with the birds; I love that stuff. Just getting out there and exploring what's in our backyard. I try to spend most my free time outside, it's where I'm at my best.

Signature Move?

I'm getting real good at planks; every day I plank. Sounds silly, I know but I've kinda turned it into a little project for the year. Since January, each week I add a couple seconds. Right now I'm at about 4 min 45 sec. The best is going for a run and trying to hold a plank for that long after. I'm often totally zonked so I'm just shaking by the end of it. It's fun; I'm weird like that.

Kevin Lionais

Kevin Lionais

Something people might not know about you?

I would say I'm bit of an arm-chair history enthusiast (see last thing you read below). I love listening to podcasts about history and I always have a non-fiction book on the go. I have shelves full of books about Captain James Cook, sailing, the history of food and cuisine, plus lots of books about Africa, namely Ethiopia. I gobble that stuff up.

What’s your favourite workout song?

Right now it's Flying Lotus's 'Never Catch Me' featuring Kendrick Lamar. I love the way FL layers and textures his beats with some sick bass riffs from Thunder Cat that make this track super catchy. Add Kendrick throwing down some verses down and yourself got a goldmine of a track.

What’s your spirit animal and why?

I used to always think it was a raccoon, but I'm not sure about that these days. They're pretty lazy in the day and active at night, nocturnal, you know. I'm the opposite; I'm going to say a Mountain Goat. Stubborn, eats everything, nimble, likes getting into trouble; that's more like me.

Kevin Lionais

Who would be your celebrity best friend?

I'm not very good at the celebrity thing. Best friend, I don't know. But I'd love to have a coffee with Annie Leibovitz. That woman has been through so much, influenced so many and has meet everyone, so she's guaranteed to have some great stories. However, I'd like to have a meal and a beer with Anthony Bourdain, I really enjoy how he genuinely loves eating food. I'm the same way. Eating good food is important to me. Anthony and I could simply go get some tacos and geek out about the quality of the fish. Have a laugh. That would be fun.

Favourite way to procrastinate?

I'm really good at procrastinating! I got a little nook in my apartment where I like to drink coffee and read in the sun, that's the best. But I also spend a ridiculous amount of time scheming up adventures. My next trail run, sailing trip, etc.

What was the last thing you read?

The last book I finished was Robert Kaplan's 'Balkin Ghosts'. It's a kind of political travel guide to the ethnic warfare in Bosnia, Serbia, and Croatia from the late 80's to early 90's. Not a light read but super interesting. It's a messed up little corner of the world with a lot of cultural hatred. It's hard to wrap your head around it. But this book brings some of it to focus.

Kevin Lionais

Kevin Lionais

If you could go anywhere tomorrow, where would you go?

Ethiopia. For sure. That's the place where it all began. Like everything.

What does The Tight Life mean to you?

Balance. You've got to make time for things. Bust your ass but be sure to reward yourself. Reach for those highs and goals in life but also embrace the lows and the shitty parts. That's what makes us human. Our ability to take away from our little life experiences, no matter what the outcome, is what makes better individuals. So take it all in and grow. Hopefully the high's outweigh the low's!

What is your fitness goal?

Goal, hard to say. I've been focusing on keeping strong in order to make my running better, that just makes sense. Doing even more body weight and strength training than before. But actually, this is it, I'm not very flexible at all. It's kinda silly how stiff my hamstrings are. I'm always working on that. Increasing my flexibility has been a project I'm always working on.

Kevin Lionais

Do you have any pre or post workout rituals?

Rituals. Nothing pre workout really. Post, upload my runs to Strava? I dunno, post run is usually stretching and then cooking some food. Usually it's eggs and greens on toast or ramen. Then I'm off to work.

How do you treat yourself?

This guy loves himself a little chocolate treat!

Complete this sentence. What I love most about spring is...

Getting into my garden and growing some food. Speaking of which...

Kevin Lionais

Photos by Valerie Lina Photography.

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