July 28, 2016

Tight Club Check In: Kevin Starke

Take a peek inside the Tight Club community, each week we’re checking in with one of our crew to learn what they get up to when they’re not slamming balls or crushing burpee challenges. These are the people that motivate you in class when sh!t gets real. From OG’s to newbies, here’s their inside scoop.

Meet Kevin.

Kevin Starke

What is tight in your life?

The whole damn thing!

Signature Move?

I feel like I am still far behind all the other 6 am regulars when it comes to “the moves.” That said, I’m the only person I’ve seen repeatedly puts his towel on his head like a sweaty do-rag between sets. For now, I guess that’s my signature move.

Something people might not know about you?

My grandpa and I were born two days apart (different years obviously) so we were always called twins. My twin owned a Percheron ranch in Alberta, was missing multiple fingers and was an overall badass. Every time I visited I seemed to walk away with a new injury – be it from riding a horse bareback while laying on my stomach (thankfully I was pre-pubescent) or smashing my face through a snowmobile windshield. RIP Grandpa Wally – you da best.

Kevin Starke


What’s your favourite workout song?

I know so little about music (other than the fact that I love Motown) and I swear that I black out every song during workouts, so I definitely don’t have a recurring favourite. On a particularly challenging Thursday morning with Amanda, “Sorry” by Justin Bieber came on and I think it saved my life. That was the theme song to our Costa Rica trip last winter, so it helped me get my head straight.

What’s your spirit animal and why?

I usually answer this question by naming one of the animal tattoos I have, but this time I will get serious. My spirit animal is 100% a medium or large sized dog. I am not picky about breed – in fact I identify most with mutts. Dogs are ferociously loving, loyal and cute, but also have tons of fun. I guess I just figured out my next tattoo?

Who would be your celebrity best friend?

The boys from Workaholics. I could imagine Blake, Adam, Anders, and I getting along perfectly over a couple too many beverages and inappropriate humour. Added bonus is that those guys are friends with countless professional skateboarders, so I would get to meet a lot of my childhood heroes along the way.

Kevin Starke

Kevin Starke

Favourite way to procrastinate?

Totally depends on the time and place. Thrasher, Vice, and Instagram creeping work well almost anywhere, while binge watching TV or bad action movies really only works at home. I also don’t think there is a better answer than Rachelle and Keighty’s – procrasturbation – but that is definitely frowned upon at the office.

What was the last thing you read?

Career of Evil by Robert Galbraith, a pseudonym for J.K. Rowling. It’s the third in a series of detective / murder mystery books written by the woman behind Harry Potter. Can’t get any better than that.

If you could go anywhere tomorrow, where would you go?

Stockholm. The people are gorgeous, the city is beautiful, everyone’s style is amazing and you get treated like royalty as soon as anyone finds out you are Canadian. I regularly contemplate moving there.

What does The Tight Life mean to you?

Friends, family, fun, and growth. Being able to make it to early workouts without yawning too much and not feeling bad about my donut or beer consumption.

Kevin Starke

What is your fitness goal?

Even though the longest bike ride I had ever done was 50km, last fall I signed up for this year’s Whistler Fondo. So far I feel woefully unprepared and its quickly approaching in September. Looks like I will be spending a lot of time in the saddle this summer.

Do you have any pre or post workout rituals?

Most days I work out first thing in the morning, so the only things I do before I walk into TC are brush my teeth, put on deodorant and pull on some clothes. Afterwards I always stretch and roll out, drink some Vega, walk the dog, make breakfast, and then get ready for the rest of my day.

How do you treat yourself?

A multitude of ways. Trips, sweets, drinks, clothes, massages and dinners out are favourites, but the list goes on and on. Someone once told me I had to start treating myself better. Apparently I really took it to heart.


Kevin Starke

This summer my big plans are...

Not too many summer plans other than heading back to the Okanagan, where I grew up. Fall is when the real fun starts. I will be going on a European adventure with my girlfriend (UK, Croatia and Montenegro) and then heading to Ethiopia with my mom. I raised a bunch of money for Imagine1Day to build a school there, so we are going to go check it out.

What's your favorite holiday?

Christmas. Always and forever.

Photos by Valerie Lina Photography.

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