November 2, 2017

Tight Club Check in: Max Duterloo

Take a peek inside the Tight Club community, each week we’re checking in with one of our crew to learn what they get up to when they’re not slamming balls or crushing burpee challenges. These are the people that motivate you in class when sh!t gets real. From OG’s to newbies, here’s their inside scoop.

Meet Max.

Three words that describe how you show up in the world.

Open-minded, creative and I try and be (it’s an ongoing practice) equanimous

Ok, ok. If you were a piece of clothing, what would you be? (details!)

Ooooh, this is hard. I loooove clothes. But if I had to choose I’d pick the perfect black leather biker jacket. You know the one that’s perfectly worn in with a few scuffs here and there, it has it’s own story.  Sturdy buttons, chunky zips, slightly cropped with strong accentuated shoulders for that power woman silhouette. And the pis de resistance, the lining is a deep red silk, think Valentino red. It’s a classic piece of clothing, you put it on and you just feel next levels of confidence.

What's the tightest thing in your life rn?

The tighest thing in my life right now is probably the fact that I married my best friend, middle school sweetheart and just all round dream man a month ago. I think there is such a lack of commitment in my generation whether it be in terms of relationships or even jobs which is something I really don’t like. For me, commitment is tight!. And that photo below is from the day we met, he was 14 and I was 13.

What do you like best about Tight Club?

I really like that it’s waaay more than a fitness studio. All the events hosted outside and inside the studio really builds an amazing community. I mean adult Sports Day?! So fun! And I'm really excited for the upcoming Talk To Me Naked event celebrating body positivity, movement and art. And I really appreciate how there is no negative body talk during classes, all the instructors keep it real. I particularly like it when Andrea says “pretend there’s a big bowl of chocolate behind you that you want to dip your ass in” when explaining squats.

What's your favorite move in class?

My favorite thing about a Tight Club class is the constant variation but I really enjoy push-ups. Particularly narrow arm push ups because they make my chaturanga’s (in yoga) a lot stronger. I really really love yoga. Like a lot, a lot.  



Tell us one thing people might not know about you ...

Now that you all know that I’m obsessed with yoga. One thing really only a few people know is that I've got a tattoo on my ass that says "avo peachy day" in beautiful cursive writing. I got it with 3 of my girlfriends in Cape Town on a random Sunday afternoon. There really is no fancy deep meaning to it other than the fact that I truly love fruits, days and butts. And it's an amazing memory with 3 really close friends.

If your current mood was a colour what would it be?

It’s currently rainy and cold AF outside. But with the help of Headspace I try and remember that the blue sky is always still there, it’s up to us to see it. So I’d say blue, maybe even yellow. I’m pretty happy rn.

I've read that people are their truest self around the age of 8. What were your interests back then?

I think at that time I was living in Dominican Republic. I was always dressing up, dancing a lot, rolling around in the sand and the ocean on the weekends and oh, I’d talk to the Banana Queen (more commonly know as a banana tree). These are actually all pretty accurate of my interests now, I love fashion, I love creative movement, LOVE the beach and ocean swims. I’m glad I don’t talk to trees anymore but I am truly obsessed with plants and flowers. My new Banana Queen is this amazing gold leather banana bum bag by Missibaba, it's by far the best thing I own.


Best advice you're received?

The best advice I’ve ever been given is not to take advice from too many people. Find a select few people who you truly trust and admire. Lean on them for advice when needed, but don’t get lost in the noise. I always receive the best advice from my husband. Also to listen to my gut because why would my body ever try and deceive me?

Podcast/song/pop culture recommendation

I’m totally late to the party here but I really enjoy Girlboss radio. And the soundtrack from Babydriver is currently on repeat for me.

What makes you nervous?

As much as I pretend to be very socialable, I actually get super nervous meeting new people and going into new social situations. I think I’m one of those new age extroverted introverts ?? But hey, you gotta do one thing that scares you everyday right ? So nerves are good, that extra bit of blood pumping is a great reminder that I’m alive.

You've lived all over the world. Where is home?

I kind of think of home as an idealistic hallmark constructed idea. People always ask me this question and I can never just give them the easy answer of one place. Home is really about the community you choose to surround yourself with. Feeling at home for me is when I feel valued, loved and a part of something. That being said, I miss my tangible home in South Africa A LOT. The weather, the beaches, the wine farms, the mountains, the culture but mostly the people. I had an amazing group of people around me there.

As a new(ish) Vancouverite, what was your favorite thing to discover in the city? On the flip side, what would you bring to Vancouver from another place you've lived?

This is a tricky one. In the summer I love riding on the back of husbands Triumph and getting lost and finding new and wonderful beaches and cute little lunch spots. Summer or winter though I love Savoury Island in West Vancouver. To me, it feels truly North American in there. If I could bring over the cute perfectly imperfect cobbled streets of Amsterdam and all of the amazing galleries and museums and the affordable coffee and wine from South Africa, life would be dreamy.

If you could live in another era - when and where?

I’m not sure if I’d want to live in another era. Albeit there is so much chaos and confusion present day, it’s also a pretty remarkable time to be a witness of. In an ideal world I’d be like Owen Wilson in Midnight in Paris and have the luxury of travelling back and speaking to the world's greatest artists but then come back to the present. The present isn’t perfect, but it’s what we’ve got so might as well make it wild ride.

There's a shit ton of global issues. What is one that gets you particularly fired up?

Ah man there are SO many issues! Honestly, I get so overwhelmed and as terrible as this next sentence sounds I end up not taking much of an active stand against anything in particular. I truly admire and am so grateful for all the people that do. Shout out to all of you fighting for positive change out there! But if I had to choose one, I get pretty riled up about environmental issues. At the end of the day our Earth is our only true ‘home’ so it’s about damn time everyone acknowledges that and that we as a global community start taking measures to keep this Mother safe.

Trend that you're so over ...

This question could go on and on forever but I’ll try be concise here. In terms of 2017 trends, this waist cincher trend has got to go. From the runway to the mainstream and even all those crazy corset fitness trends. It’s just not right. Also, we’re not in the 1800s. More worrying though, I saw a trend report recently that forecasted the return of low rise jeans, this would be a disaster.  

How do you stay motivated?

It’s hard during the winter time, the shorter days the cold and the rain really don’t help. What really helps me is staying active, endorphins are everything. Also meditation. And having a goal, something tangible to focus on and bring to life whether it’s with work, exercise or relationships. Set goals!


If you're crushin' like we are, do some light stalking here: @maxlivinlife

Interview by: @katelollar

All photos by: @valerielina

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