March 15, 2020

TIGHT CLUB NEWSLETTERS (in case you didnt get it)

(This is a working document and will be updated regularly)

March 22 2020


Thank you all for tuning into our instagram live classes this week. I feel like social media has actually made our crew even TIGHTER! We are so excited to launch our online class schedule and with that, we’ll be moving away from our IGLIVE classes and onto the ZOOM platform. To access these classes, head on over to our website and create an account if you haven't done so already.

We are hosting 3 classes a day all taught by our instructors. This week, 75% of all drop-ins go to our team members, 25% go to the studio.

Most days the schedule will look like this: 7:15 am 10:30 am 5:30 pm.

This week, all classes are 45 minutes, and aside from Sylvia’s epic Retro Sweat, we will be teaching our signature full body strength and conditioning class, THE CLUB.

P.S. Sunday at 5:30pm will be Trilby’s Booty Luv.

$6 a class for now.


I first want to say that this is all super new to us, so please approach with tender kitten kindness if there are glitches. I’ll do my absolute very best to tackle them as nimbly quick as my not-so-tech-savvy brain can.

  1. 1 hour before the lifestream class you’ll get an email notification with the link for the zoom class. I prefer to take my zoom classes on a computer, but your phone will work as well.
  2. If you sign up for class less than 30 minutes before it starts, you SHOULD receive the link pretty much right away.
  3. Once you’re in, please make sure your mic is muted, and then pin the teacher so we take up the majority of the screen – to do this, please click on the little "..." at the top corner of the teacher's box displaying their face and click "pin video" – we can't do this on our end so very important for the viewing experience! If you forget, don't worry, we’ll be reminding you before we start.
  4. If you have any questions and need to say something, please type it in the text box on your screen.


(March 15, 2020)

Hey Tight Club!

Check in question: What is your name and how are you today.

My name is Keighty, and today I feel empowered. This email is the product of days of consideration. Hours of conversations deliberating between the idea of closing shop or staying open. I don't doubt that our studio’s new sanitary measures would make a germaphobe feel like they’ve found their heaven. I also get that in times of high stress and anxiety that being with your people are the best ways to stay healthy. I see it and I hear it, I feel it and I want it, but today, with all the information I’ve digested, I feel empowered to take control of one thing, and that's playing a part in stopping the spread of this weird-ass virus our world truly knows little about. 

I started Tight Club to challenge how we experience fitness. We’ve created a safer and more protected space for people to discover movement in a judgement free arena, and in turn we’ve cultivated a rich and blooming community of people with refreshing outlooks on wellness. I believe today, Sunday March 16, that in the long term, our personal wellness relies on the wellness of our community as a whole, and that by staying open during this extremely critical time, we operate as a threat for the wellbeing of our greater community. I get that most of us are young and healthy, but some of us leave the studio and go home to pals or family members who aren't as strong and healthy as us, which we know are the members of our community who are affected the most by COVID 19.

Starting Monday, all in studio classes will be cancelled at Tight Club. We’ll start with a week and go from there. 

I’m already working on a plan to make our workouts accessible to our folks at home, which I’m pretty jazzed about to be honest. In the meantime, create a zoom account so you're ready to go when we launch.

We’re going to use this time to be creative, and try out some new things. We’re going to get through this wacky time. Hopefully just a week or two, folks. We got this. 

In the meantime, if you’d like to grab a few tools to make your at home workouts ever “tighter”, I’d recommend supporting our local fitness equipment shops like Flamen Fitness or Fitness Town on 4th ave to pick up the following:

  • 1 or 2 Heavy weights for things like squats, deadlifts, lunges, rows // or use a gallon of water :)
  • 1 or 2 medium / light weights for things like shoulder presses, bicep curls, tricep extensions // or use some cans of beans :)
  • Booty Band :) 

Here are links to some of my favourite playlists I’ve been rocking out to in class lately.


We know the importance of social distancing right now, but we also know the value of being able to stay connected through movement. 

With the development of our online streaming services, we ask for our clients on memberships to stay on them and participate in our new creative endeavours. This in turn will help foster the financial future of the studio during these tight times. (pardon the pun) This option, for those who are aligned and able, would be a great help in Tight Club seeing this temporary closure through.

However, this being said, if you wish to place your membership on hold during this time, we also understand and would be happy to assist in doing so. This includes the Tight Life Membership, 1 Year membership, 1 Month Membership, 3 Month Membership, etc. Please contact us and we’ll help you out. Email the studio with your request here:

Another form of support right now will be to purchase class passes for yourself or a friend for when classes are back up and running. We’ll hook you up with 15% off our 5 Class, 10 and 20 Class Packs. As a small business, closing our doors is not a good look for anyone. The sales from these class packages right now will help our studio and teachers.

Please use the code: STAYTIGHT to receive 15% off any class pack from now until March 30th. Heads up: this code only works on our website, not the mindbody app.


References – below are a few resources that we found helpful in empowering us to make this decision

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