April 11, 2016

What Are You Training For?

So far we've talked about setting goals and achieving them, explored our curiosity around mindfulness, learned about our amazingly rad community, and shared tips on training. Now we’re putting it all together and asking the question, “Why?”

Why do you come to classes? How are they helping you achieve your goals in fitness? Sports? Life? It's no secret that having a "raison d’être" will both motivate you and give you something to focus on halfway through a tough set of pushups, or burpees, or whatever moves make you want to give up.

One of the great things about Tight Club is how diverse the people who train with us are. From athletes training for their specific sport to someone just starting out in wanting to lead a more balanced lifestyle, the reasons why people come to The Field House are so varied. Whether you’re training to be more fit, to lose a little weight, to feel buff on your next vacation, to increase your energy, or to improve your mental health, we’ve got you!

Throughout the month of April we want to know, What Are You Training For? We can't wait to hear your answers because we live to be inspired. First up are a couple of the cool cats getting married this year.

Zach Berman & Meghan Parks


Age: 30 (both of us)
What are you training for? Our Wedding, honeymoon in Bali, and life

What's your favourite Tight Club class?
Meghan: It’s a tie between Nate’s The Athlete, Keighty’s Tight Sweat, and Michael’s Booty Luv. The Athlete is by far the most challenging, Tight Sweat always incorporates TRX which helps me get those wedding arms, qnd any class with Michael makes you forget you’re working out because he’s got you in stitches the whole time.
Zach: What Meghan said!

Have you noticed any improvements?
Meghan: Yes for sure! My entire body is more toned but best of all is the new friends and connections you make with the Tight Club crew.
Zach: I’ve noticed a big difference in my core strength and cardio!

What motivates you when sh!t gets real?
Meghan: Zach motivates me. He’s the most positive guy ever and never gives up which makes me get a little competitive with him.
Zach: Keighty! She always calls me out when I’m slacking.

Any advice that you'd give a fellow bride & groom?
Meghan: Don’t wait till 2 months before your wedding to start getting tight. Start early and maintain!
Zach: Whatever you’re doing, its gotta be fun. As long as it’s fun, you’ll look forward to it.

Emily Pearson

Emily Pearson

Age: 27
What are you training for?

I’m getting married in October so there’s definitely a push to feel fitter and stronger in preparation for all those photos that will last the rest of my life. What brought me to Tight Club in the first place, however, was the desire to be healthier and “tighter” for life in general.

What's your favourite Tight Club class?

I’m definitely a classic Tight Sweat fan. When every part of your body feels the burn the next day you know it was a good class. I also love how you never know what to expect. That’s what keeps me coming back - there’s nothing predictable or monotonous and you know you’ll be laughing and sweating with some great people. Tight sweat classes push me to my limits in ways I could never do when training on my own

Have you noticed any improvements?

YES! Instead of cringing when I hear the workout plan, I now feel confident knowing I can give it my all. While there are still lots of moves that make me sweat till I can’t move, I feel myself getting stronger and can see results in different areas of my body now.

What motivates you when sh!t gets real?

The tunes! Even during the toughest workouts, I just find the beat and keep on moving. Feeding off of the energy of the other people in the class keeps me going too. Even on life’s hardest days, I’ve learned that getting to Tight Club is the best thing I can do for myself!

Any advice that you'd give a fellow bride?

Do what you love and have fun! If you enjoy what you’re doing you’ll be more likely to keep up with it. Also remember that life’s about balance – eating good food, enjoying some cheeky beers in the sun, and playing in the beautiful outdoors. Don’t let training take over your life or you’ll lose sight of what’s important.

Molly Greene and Aaron Morten


Age: 27 (Molly) 28 (Aaron)

What are you training for?
Molly: To be the tightest bride so I can figuratively (and literally?) knock Aaron out at the altar.
Aaron: To have a juicy booty at our wedding.

What's your favourite Tight Club class?
Molly: 6 a.m. Monday morning Tight Sweat. Because nothing beats getting up at 4:45 a.m. on a Monday. But for real, I am a woman of routine and 6 a.m. classes keep me accountable and get me pumped for the day.
Aaron: Booty Luv, because it helps put meat on my chicken legs.

Have you noticed any improvements?
Molly: Most definitely. I noticed it most when I out-paced Aaron with my wicked-fast Beyonces.
Aaron: Yes – I’m much sweatier now.

What motivates you when sh!t gets real?
Molly: The amount of money I spent on my wedding dress.
Aaron: Stopping Molly from being a runaway bride. Also pizza.

Any advice that you'd give a fellow bride and groom?
Molly: Keep it fun! It’s much easier getting tight when you’re doing something you actually want to do. Also weddings are kind of a nightmare, so maybe avoid them?
Aaron: Do it for you – don’t do it for anyone else.

Words by Kate Lollar.
Photos by Kezia Nathe.

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