May 25, 2016

What Are You Training For Part 3

So far we've talked about setting goals and achieving them, explored our curiosity around mindfulness, learned about our amazingly rad community, and shared tips on training. Now we’re putting it all together and asking the question, “Why?”

In part three of Tight Club's "What Are You Training For" series, we'd like you to meet Marie-Noelle and Tina. Marie's training for mountain biking season (which just began this past weekend) and Tina is training for motherhood (she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl just days after the photo shoot – a full month early!). We don't know which is scarier – mountain biking or motherhood, but we do know both require an incredible amount of energy and strength.


Marie-Noelle Legere

Age: 31

What are you training for?

To be a badass at downhill mountain biking!

Favourite Tight Club Class? How does it help your training?

My favourite class has to be The Club. It helps with my cardio without feeling like I'm working out.

Have you noticed an improvement?

I definitely have way more core and upper body strength; before personal training I had trouble even doing five pushups. I also had to get monthly massages for my bad shoulder before training, but now I haven't felt the need in over 3 months; it's been a game changer!

What motivates you when sh!t gets real?

Keighty. I don't like disappointing people, plus the pain never lasts forever.

Advice you would give a fellow mountain biker:

Training makes a difference. Downhilling uses a surprising amount of upper body and core strength!


Tina Lau

Age: 32

What are you training for?


Favourite Tight Club Class? How does it help your training?

Currently Booty Luv for all of the squats and pelvic floor exercises.

Have you noticed an improvement?

Even though I’m not training at the same level of intensity that I usually have, staying active has helped me adjust to a growing and changing body and has kept my energy high.

What motivates you when sh!t gets real?


Advice you would give a fellow mother-to-be:

Pregnancy shouldn’t limit your ability to maintain a healthy level of activity, especially if it was already part of your lifestyle beforehand. There are ways to modify movements so that it’s safe for you, your body, and your baby, but above all it’s always important to listen to your body and rest when you need to.

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