June 6, 2016

What Are You Training For Part 4

So far we've talked about setting goals and achieving them, explored our curiosity around mindfulness, learned about our amazingly rad community, and shared tips on training. Now we’re putting it all together and asking the question, “Why?”

In part four of Tight Club's "What Are You Training For" series, we're chatting with OG clubbers Kat Holmes and Sarah Vingoe. Not only do these two team up on Tuesdays to run around the neighbourhood leading the Tight Club Run Crew, but starting this week, they'll GET WET every Thursday at Kits Pool at 6:30pm and it's FREE to attend! You just have to pay your own pool admission fee.

Intended for all levels, Tight Swim has three different training plans (beginner, intermediate, or advanced) which incorporate different strokes and number of lengths, depending on your ability. Now, let's jump in and get wet with these two babes.

Sarah Vingoe

Sarah Vingoe

Age: 37 (holy shit!)

What are you training for?

I use to be quite a competitive runner. I set lofty and sometimes, quite daunting goals but over the last two years I have changed my focus. Overall, I train to keep my stress levels down, my optimism up, and my life long. One of my goals for my 37th year is to complete The Bay Challenge – a 9K open water swim from Lighthouse Point in West Van to Kits Beach. Tight Club has helped me stay strong and build a good base and Kits Pool just opened a couple of weeks ago, so things are starting to get real.

Favourite Tight Club class?

My favourite Tight Club class is a tie between The Athlete and Booty Luv. I struggle with issues in my right pelvis and hip due to two stress fractures years ago and was told over the years I may never run again – I have since run two marathons. The hip specialist said to, "Keep doing what you're doing." In my opinion, that means incorporating strength into my workout routine, which has allowed my body to continue to be active on the road and in the pool. The Athlete gives me strength and agility and Booty Luv gives me strength and stability.

Have you noticed improvements?

Yes – I am stronger in general. The group dynamic and amazing Tight Club coaches push me and make me work harder.

What motivates you when sh!t gets real?

People in my life, this city I get to live in (#iloveithere), and perspective. How lucky am I to be an able and fit individual who gets to push her body to the limits?

Any advice you would give a fellow swimmer and/or runner?

If you're not having fun then find a sport or activity that fills your heart with joy and brings only happiness to your life. YOLO, man. Also set goals; they keep you on track and help you get things done. Oh, and don’t forget to "take it easy."

Kat Holmes

Kat Holmes

Age: Too old for it to be made public! People think I'm younger... let's keep that going!

What are you training for?

Tight Swim at Kits Pool.

Favourite Tight Club Class?

I'm split three ways; you'll always find me at The Athlete for the competition and cardio work out, that class pushes me to my limits. At Booty Luv for the core work out and as KG says, this is the work out your physio wants you to do; if I skip it, then I start to feel weak. And at The Club; the best bits of all of he TC classes, but mainly it's about the community.

Have you noticed improvements?

Yes! I have less pain. My rheumatologist says a "normal" thirty something should have spinal wear and tear and I have nothing! This is huge and I think it's because of Tight Club. A good side note is that Tight Club also seems to give me more body confidence (note booby pictures!). I'm also over 30 and don't give a sh!t anymore.

What motivates you when sh!t gets real?

That's what I love about tabata style training, it's not long till it's finished. My mind flicks into stubborn animal mode and KG’s words repeat over and over: You. Got. This.

Any advice that you'd give a fellow swimmer and/or runner?

Do something different and support your sport with complementary training. It's not all about length after length, or mile after mile, it's human nature that you'll eventually become stagnant. Variety is the spice of life, as they say.

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