About Our Classes

Your future is looking Tight. From strength training to HIIT, classic sports conditioning to dynamic stretching, we’ve got you covered.

Class Descriptions

Tight Club classes are creative, challenging, functional, and – above all else – an all-around good time. We cant wait to move n groove with you :)
Here’s What You Get out Of Each Class

The Club: Livestream

Tight Club’s Greatest HIITs
*NEW* Think of this class as a sampler of everything Tight Club has to offer, focused on full body strength. With a healthy dose of active mobility and stability drills, conditioning movements and bursts of cardio, you can expect to sweat buckets, feel like an athlete and leave ready to take on anything life throws at you.

Tight Sweat: Livestream

Huffy Puffy Good Times
Tight Club’s signature HIIT workout uses science-driven interval training theories to engage your whole body while giving your busy mind a much-needed rest. Plan to break a major sweat while you slam balls, lift weights, perfect your plyometrics, and enjoy some challenging partner exercises in this interactive workout.

Groundwork: Livestream

Modern Fitness Fundamentals
Raise the bar – literally and figuratively – in this functional strength class. We focus on squat and lunge variations, hip hinges, pressing and rowing patterns, using various planes of motion. Expect extra care on form and performance through slow and intentional movements.
Full Body Strength & Stability
1 HEAVY WEIGHT + 2 medium weights

Get Loose

Because Sometimes You Can Be Too Tight
Give yourself some much-needed self care with our unique recovery class. Dynamic mobility movements flow into long-hold stretches. We use classic recovery tools like foam rollers, dowels, and magic rings to massage tight muscles. Increase your range of motion, improve your flexibility, and give your racing mind some quiet time.
Flexibility & Mobility

Body Luv: Livestream

Because Injury-Free Is the Way to Be
This Tight Club favourite was born out of a challenge—make stability, core and functional strength training fun. With a potent combination of resistance bands, Bosu balls, body weight movement, and physio-approved drills creates a challenging yet low-impact workout for your entire body.
Lower Body Strength & Stability
Butt Band, set of light weights, towel / bungee

Hot Wings: Livestream

Spicy Upper Body Strength + Conditioning
Hot Wings is the newest addition to the Tight Club roster of signature functional movement classes. Designed to safely mobilize, stabilize and load your upper body, Hot Wings is physio approved and promises to bring the heat.
upperbody strength + conditioning
Set of medium/light weights

Our Fitness Fundamentals

Tight Club classes prepare you for a life spent moving. Every class offers a mix of five key elements of fitness, which are core to why we do what we do.
Here’s what each class offers your body & Mind


Our Fitness Fundamentals - Strength

Build bone density and muscle.

Perfect for: climbing the Sea to Sky by bike or helping your friend move apartments.

Keep your heart and mind healthy.

Perfect for: smashing last year’s Seawheeze PR or running to catch the bus without getting winded.


Our Fitness Fundamentals - Cardio

Mobility & Flexibility

Our Fitness Fundamentals - Mobility / Flexibility

Increase your range of motion and prevent injuries.

Perfect for: picking up your kid without throwing out your back and waking up on the right side of the bed every morning.

Give your joints some TLC and stay connected to your core.

Perfect for: running a West Coast trail without twisting your ankle or navigating a slippery dance floor.


Our Fitness Fundamentals - Stability


Our Fitness Fundamentals - Agility

Keep your mental reflexes strong to move quickly and nimbly.

Perfect for: faking out opponents on the soccer field or navigating busy city sidewalks.