How To Join Our Livestream Classes

How To Book

If you’re not part of our TCTV membership, you’re going to need to create a mindbody account to sign up for our livestream “Tight Stream” classes. If you do not have an account with us, please select the class you’d like to book into on our Livestream booking page and our system will prompt you to login / create an account. Please remember to book at least 15 minutes ahead of time. We close registration 15 minutes before class starts.

If you are part of our TCTV membership, you have free access to our livestream “Tight Stream” classes. Coach KG will drop the zoom link into the Tight Club community slack hub about 15-20 minute before the start of class. If you haven't been invited to the community slack hub, shoot us a note and we’ll hook you up!

We’ll be sending you a zoom link associated with your Mindbody account no later than 15 minutes before class starts. If you didn't end up getting the link, email and we’ll help you out.

You really don't need much to get a lot out of these workouts. We recommend you have a mat / yoga mat and the following items nearby (just incase your coach has programmed them into class: bath towel, 1-2 pillows, a set of light weights (cans, wine bottles, etc) and something heavy (could be a backpack filled with books, a big jug of water, a kettlebell, dumbell, etc).

Please close all other applications that are open on your computer (spotify, mail, netflix) for a better wifi connection. If you have a roommate, partner or kids also using the internet, we’d recommend asking them to refrain from streaming movies or listening to music during this time.

Your computer speakers will do just fine, but if you really wanna move n groove with with, plug in or bluetooth external speakers or headphones.

We absolutely love seeing your face in these livestream classes. That's the beauty behind this Zoom platform, we’re all in it together. We highly recommend keeping your video on throughout the class. We promise friendly waves and we’ll provide postural feedback for those who keep their video on. No pressure though!

Not only do you have your favourite Tight Club teachers leading a live streamed class, but you’ll also have a Tight Club moderator at your service if you have questions while zooming. Our moderators will be following along, providing written explanations for those who forget the instructions or didn't hear it the first time. Just open the “chat” function on your zoom screen and ask away!