Tight Club is for all y’all

Inclusivity is tight

We’re committed to creating a warm, welcoming and inclusive space that celebrates diversity and encourages loving relationships – with fitness and each other.
Tight Club Athletics - Tight Club Inclusivity Statement

Tight Club Inclusivity Statement

Tight Club Athletics was founded on the core value that anyone and everyone belongs in a fitness space. Above everything, we are committed to inclusion.

Our clients’ feelings of belonging and respect are so much more important to us than how much they can lift or how fast they can run. We want people to enter our studio and immediately know that regardless of their race, gender, body, sexual orientation, ability, class or background, this is a place where they can meet their goals, make friends and find community, all at their own pace. 

In fact, we’re willing to go one step further - we want people to feel welcome, not regardless of their identities, but because of who they are and the unique traditions, languages, practises and values they bring into the space. 

To us, inclusion is about affirmative celebration of identity, human spirit, and diverse physical capabilities.


To us, a safer space is one where:
  • People feel welcome
  • People are free to conduct their work or business free from discrimination and harassment
  • People know their rights and their allies
  • People feel supported and heard
  • Every individual’s culture and contribution is celebrated
  • Accessibility is honoured and centred
  • People feel safer to practise sacred cultural traditions
  • Staff and community collectively foster healthy and compassionate dialogue
To foster a safer space for all, Tight Club commits to:
  • Regularly updated staff training on inclusion, unconscious bias and anti-oppression
  • Inclusive, gender neutral language online and offline
  • Compassionate call-ins and vigilant allyship
  • Active opposition of hateful and discriminatory behaviour in the wider fitness and wellness community
  • Disrupting fatphobic and sizeist narratives about who is welcome in a fitness space
  • Modifying spaces, movements or language, where possible, to be accessible to all bodies
We embrace the challenges and the messiness of this journey and are constantly searching for ways to do better for our community. We welcome feedback and call-ins and continue to work in allyship with marginalized people.
Tight Club Athletics - Tight Club is a safe space for everyone.
We acknowledge that our studio is situated on unceded ancestral Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh land, in an area of town that is historically occupied by Black and Chinese immigrants and their descendants and low income communities. We encourage our patrons to support these communities with the following resources: