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Talk to Me Naked x Tight Club

November 22, 2017

Last week Thursday, November 16th, we made a bold statement to make it clear that all of us here at Tight Club stand for body positivity. For us, body positivity is more than a movement. Body positivity is one of our core values and one of the most motivating factors for why we do what we do. We want to remove the structural inequities that make some bodies worth more than others. We want to honour the body through it’s capability and privilege of movement. What we strive to teach here at Tight Club is that when you move boldly and freely you feel good. And feeling good and having fun exploring the possibilities of movement is the ultimate goal.

This evening was about taking a stand for body positivity by honouring the privilege of movement through art. We collaborated with Tori Swanson from Talk to Me Naked who creates art inspired by movement and the human body with the intention of encouraging body love, self respect and vulnerability.

A couple of months ago our founder Keighty Gallagher did a portrait session with Tori, the session was filmed by the talented videographer Aya Garcia. The drawings from this sessions and the film were exhibited to a crowd of clients, friends and team members who attended this event. We also created a private, warm and welcoming space in our studio for people to have their own private portrait sessions done with Tori.

We were blown away by the positive response to this project that lies so close to our hearts, and we are happy to announce that Tori’s beautiful work of Keighty are for sale both in our studio and online.

Scroll down to see some of the highlights of the evening and to watch the film. We invite you to watch with an open mind and kind heart. A fair warning, there is some form of nudity throughout the film and sensitive viewers might find this offensive.














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