On Demand TCTV

Movin' n Groovin' whenever it's clever. Welcome to our digital field house: an ON DEMAND video library with over 100 workouts, training plans, live classes and new content added weekly
$45 per month or $432 per year +tax (CAD$)

What's included in our membership?

• Weekly trauma informed training plan designed by Keighty delivered to your inbox for stress free planning
•3-5 new pre-recorded workouts and up to 3 Livestream Sessions a week
• Library of 100+ high quality workouts to keep it fresh
• Free access to Livestream classes to connect with the community
• Access to our community slack channel
• 15-50 min apartment friendly workouts to fit into your busy schedule

Our training philosophy?

We promote movement for all people, building strength and confidence for every activity. Tight Club classes dial in on five key elements of functional movement – Mobility, stability, strength, cardio, agility - everything you need for a life spent movin-n-groovin.