Personal Trainer & Team Coach. She/her.

Rachelle Bonneville

Masters in Physiotherapy - Women’s health & Musculoskeletal. Prenatal Fitness Course. FMS I & II. TRX Suspension Training Course.
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3 words to describe your classes

Fun - Curated with Intention and Purpose.

Why you're stoked to be on this team

I’m stoked to be a part of this team because it represents everything that I want in a gym/community centre and the values I identify with most as a health professional. We are a team of beautiful weirdos who welcome everyone and anyone to explore their relationship with physical activity. The vibe that has been established by Keighty’s original Tight Club inspires all of us to bring our best game and make our classes so entertaining with such bumping music that you *barely* realize how tough, well rounded and thought out the workout actually is. 

What else do you need?? 

What one thing you’d recommend & tell my younger self 

Never take life too seriously because everything will be okay.

It’s always worth saying yes to that spontaneous proposal.

Pizza is never a bad idea. 

Fave spotify playlist

Check it out!

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