Shawn Ayers

Studio Manager + Team Coach. He/Him They/Them
Group Fitness Certified. Schwinn Indoor Cycling.
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3 words to describe your classes

Challenging, Motivating, Connected.

Why you're stoked to be on this team

The combined energy and values behind the studio, our team and the community is like no other fitness space out there. Proud to be part of this unique movement collective that is Tight Club.

Fitness Accreditations

Group Fitness Certified
Schwinn Indoor Cycling

Whats one thing you'd recommend?

Meditation - can be medicine. Slowing down, and listening to your body before reacting.

What advice would you give your 10 year old self?

Trust yourself and your instincts. You’re on the right path, and it will all work out. Don’t compare yourself to others on this journey.

Whats your favourite way to unwind

Epsom bath, Netflix and Wine - usually at the same time tbh. A Thai massage is a close second. :)

What are you best in the world at?

Haha, hmmm the world?? Working on it rn — however, I can curate a memorable and magical event with fervor.

Cool fact about yourself

I wrote, produced and starred in my own one-man comedy cabaret show at the Art’s Club Theatre when I was 21, fresh out of theatre school.

#1 Hobby

Hiking and being in the trees, ideally with my dog.

Share the link to your favourite playlist on Spotify

Check It Out

Favourite way to move your body

Yoga. Making time to move, slow down and connect to my body and to breath while going inward.

Whats one think you'd like to change about the fitness industry?

I would like to continue to find ways to make it more accessible to all, and encourage people to start moving, regardless of their current fitness level. Our health is our most valuable asset.

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