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Modern Recreationalist

Designed for the modern recreationalist, my digital classes and programs deliver a fun and friendly take on functional movement. From strength training to HIIT, mobility to agility, I'm here to meet you where you're at, whenever it's clever.

Modern Recreationalist Definition: crafting a vibrant life through the art of movement

Weekly Programs

A curated weekly program for the modern athlete

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Your Weekly Training Program

The Game Plan

Designed by Coach Keighty to better support your tightest life, your weekly Game Plan is a thoughtfully curated program with a built in community.

Take the stress out choosing your workouts, Coach Keighty's got you! Centered around balanced, accessible movement, every Monday Keighty updates your program with 4-5 new pre-filmed follow along workouts.

What to expect each week
2 full body strength workouts
2 conditioning workouts
1 Recovery Class



I'm Keighty (she/her), a trauma-informed, certified personal trainer and group fitness coach on a mission to change the collective relationship with exercise. I'm here to make fitness feel more like play and to help you build a strong and nurturing relationship with your body.

My classes are inspired by sports, blending functional strength and conditioning with elements of mindfullness and breath-work for a fun and friendly approach to exercise. I am inspired by life, and believe movement can help us live a bigger and bolder one!

I came to this profession after a competitive track and field career went off the rails. Broken by a system built on fear-based coaching, I was determined to change the way people feel about fitness by changing the language that supported it. In 2012, I founded Tight Club Athletics in Vancouver, BC, and forever changed the culture of group fitness. Consciously veering off the path of diet culture and "fitness for physique" ideals, movement for mental health became the heartbeat of my community.

During the pandemic I closed my beloved studio, (the Tight Club Field House) in Vancouver, and started a new chapter down in Ventura, California with a hybrid of digital and IRL offerings.

These days you can find me teaching IRL classes at Bossfit in Ventura, providing digital personal training to clients all over the world, producing weekly LIVE classes on ZOOM and maintaining a library of over 300 different functional movement workouts.

Hire me for your retreats, your seasonal check-ins, or even to get out for a walk.

Tight Club Athletics was born on the stolen lands of The Musqueam, Tsleil-Waututh, Sechelt, & Squamish Nations and currently operates on lands of the Chumash People.


You belong here.

When you feel safe and supported, you can leave your physical comfort zone and be your biggest and boldest self. I strive to provide warm, welcoming experiences for every ability, race, size and sexual orientation to enjoy their bodies in movement, be it during personal training, IRL group fitness or during my recorded or LIVE digital classes.


The amazing thing that TCTV has done isn't just increase my mobility or strength or stamina - the amazing thing is the sense of community that Keighty has built!


Tight Club and Keighty have totally changed my view around movement. Through taking her classes I have learned to push myself when needed, have great form and most importantly, be kind to myself when moving my body. I’ve never been so strong in my life!


TCTV has built an online community for me to be excited about during a busy work week ❤️ This is the first time fitness and moving my body has actually felt FUN!


Been loving my Tight Club subscription! The program change ups keep it interesting, but most importantly I appreciate Keighty's prompts and coaching that make me feel safe and confident to try new challenges or push to new levels. I never thought I'd be a home workout person but these keep me coming!