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How does TCTV membership work? What does it include?

With TCTV, coach KG will post a new balanced workout program each week, to keep your body moving ‘n’ grooving through all of life’s adventures.
TCTV membership gives you full access to our on-demand library of workouts as well as our live Tight Stream classes and Live Replay. 

The on-demand library has 50 workouts to choose from as of December. New content will be added weekly, including 3x 35 minute classic TIght Club workouts and 2x “Tight Bite” 30 + 15 Min workouts. This means you can choose any of your favourite workouts to do when the time works for you.

Live Tight Stream classes will take place Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.  Live Tight Stream recordings will be added to the on-demand library within the day for all TCTV Members, and will be emailed out to non members, with access to the recording for up to 24 hours. 

You can sign up for TCTV on our site here: tightclubtv.vhx.tv

I’m a TCTV member. How do I access Tight Streams?

We’ve created a community Slack board which you’ll be invited to join. Links to all live Tight Streams will be posted here. Playlists and other fun stuff will be posted here, too.

Make sure to join us in the TC community Slack board once you’ve been invited so you’re sure to have access to the live Tight Stream links.

How do I drop in to live Tight Stream class if I’m not a TCTV member?

We’d love to see you live and in a little square on the computer!

Just sign up through Mindbody like you’ve always done, and we’ll email you a Zoom link 15 minutes before class starts.

A recording link will be sent out to everybody who signed up through Mindbody. From December 7 to January 31, links will remain active for 48 hours. After January 31, links will be active for 24 hours.

How much do each of the options cost?

Drop-ins through Mindbody (for non TCTV members):
Sliding Scale - $10/$12/$14

TCTV All Access Membership through Vimeo
Monthly Auto-Renewal - $45.00 +tax
Full Year, One Time Payment - $432.00 +tax

Why do I have to give my credit card when signing up?

When you subscribe using our free frail, you’ll enter your payment information. Once the trial ends you will be charged the monthly or annual price and their billing cycle will begin. You can cancel at any time before the trial ends to avoid charges.

⚠️Important: A $1 holding charge will be processed on the customer's card. These transactions will be reversed immediately and should disappear from accounts within 24 hours. The reason for this charge is to help prevent fraud. This hold will always be in USD, regardless if multi-currency is enabled.

How do I cancel my TCTV membership?

You can cancel anytime by logging into your Vimeo account settings. You’ll continue to have access to TCTV and Tight Stream classes through the end of your current cycle. The cancellation will go into effect for the next billing cycle. Unfortunately, no refunds are available for partial months or if you missed cancelling before the next cycle begins.

How do I know what gear I’ll need?

For TCTV members, each of the classes will have an equipment list in the description, so you’ll know what you need before you start the workout.

For live Tight Streams, we’ll let you know at the beginning of class once you’ve signed in and you can get set up while we check-in.

Some general suggestions and tips for gear.

A yoga-style mat is a great place to start, but not totally necessary. Just make sure you have about a yoga mat amount of space for moving around. Wear comfortable clothes. Wear shoes, if you like, but do what feels best for you. You’re at home, so you be you.

Aside from this, the most common equipment we recommend is a set of light weights, a set of medium weights, a loop resistance band, or a long resistance band. That being said, workouts are programmed with options, and you should feel free to get creative if you don’t have specialized equipment. Canned goods, detergent bottles, backpacks filled with books, and so on are great weights. Resistance bands are often for a little bit of punch and are optional or are for slow mobility moves and a towel can be used.

I’m new to working out. Should I be scared?

Hells no! All fitness levels are welcome:) Classes are designed to challenge you, but it is important to listen to your body while doing the exercises. We are very attentive to providing modifications whenever necessary, however please make sure you have been cleared by your doctor for moderate to vigorous exercise.

What’s a good class to start with?

Groundworks and Body Luv are both great classes to start with. While any of our classes are suitable for all levels, Groundwork and Booty Luv are classes that will help you to establish proper technique and a solid foundation before moving on to our higher impact classes. While all of our classes are intended to be full body workouts, these ones focus on low impact strength training with emphasis on core, functional movement, and stability.

Can I do class while pregnant?

We love pregnant mamas, and have def had expecting mamas in our class. That being said, please consult with your doctor if you have a bun in the oven. Most importantly, listen to your body and what it needs.

How To Join Our Livestream Classes

How To Book

If you’re not part of our TCTV membership, you’re going to need to create a mindbody account to sign up for our livestream “Tight Stream” classes. If you do not have an account with us, please select the class you’d like to book into on our Livestream booking page and our system will prompt you to login / create an account. Please remember to book at least 15 minutes ahead of time. We close registration 15 minutes before class starts.

If you are part of our TCTV membership, you have free access to our livestream “Tight Stream” classes. Coach KG will drop the zoom link into the Tight Club community slack hub about 15-20 minute before the start of class. If you haven't been invited to the community slack hub, shoot us a note and we’ll hook you up!

We’ll be sending you a zoom link associated with your Mindbody account no later than 15 minutes before class starts. If you didn't end up getting the link, email info@tightclubathletics.com and we’ll help you out.

You really don't need much to get a lot out of these workouts. We recommend you have a mat / yoga mat and the following items nearby (just incase your coach has programmed them into class: bath towel, 1-2 pillows, a set of light weights (cans, wine bottles, etc) and something heavy (could be a backpack filled with books, a big jug of water, a kettlebell, dumbell, etc).

Please close all other applications that are open on your computer (spotify, mail, netflix) for a better wifi connection. If you have a roommate, partner or kids also using the internet, we’d recommend asking them to refrain from streaming movies or listening to music during this time.

Your computer speakers will do just fine, but if you really wanna move n groove with with, plug in or bluetooth external speakers or headphones.

We absolutely love seeing your face in these livestream classes. That's the beauty behind this Zoom platform, we’re all in it together. We highly recommend keeping your video on throughout the class. We promise friendly waves and we’ll provide postural feedback for those who keep their video on. No pressure though!

Not only do you have your favourite Tight Club teachers leading a live streamed class, but you’ll also have a Tight Club moderator at your service if you have questions while zooming. Our moderators will be following along, providing written explanations for those who forget the instructions or didn't hear it the first time. Just open the “chat” function on your zoom screen and ask away!